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View the list of services that NK Fencing are able to offer as well as their products.


NK Fencing’s transport fleet including hi-ab cranes enable us to deliver your order nationwide, either on a supply only basis or to your site for installation.


Carried out by NK Coatings, offering the complete package, hot dip galvanising, as a method of corrosion protection for steel, has grown almost continuously since it was first used to protect steel over 150 years ago. The galvanising re-action will only occur on a chemically clean surface.

Common practice is good preparation of the product combined with dipping into an acidic degreasing solution. After the materials have been dipped into a cold rinse they then proceed into a preflux bath for final cleansing. Afterwards they are then immersed into a molten zinc bath at 450oC.

A series of zinc-iron alloy layers are formed by a metallurgical reaction between the iron and zinc.


Five workshops comprising 40,000 sq ft at the five acre Carrickfergus Headquarters are the base of the Groups’ manufacturing output – though there is also a fabrications facility of 15,000 sq ft at the Dublin plant.

Much of the production is based on high volume yield: NK is the only fencing company in Ireland rolling British Standard quality palisade fencing on automated machinery, with a robotic welding plant.

Powder Coating

Carried out by NK Coatings, offering the complete package, with approved applicator status this ensures customer’s materials are processed to the exact standards as laid down in BS 6496 and BS 6497.

With multi-stage pre-treatment and three powder coating lines in operation applying the powder electro-statically a quick turnaround of product is guaranteed at which the rate of today’s market place demands.


Estimating and Technical Departments are combined under one roof, supported by state of the art Computer Aided Design and IT Systems.

We work very closely with Specifiers, Architects, Consulting Engineers and welcome your enquiry from the infancy of any project.

Supply and Erect

NK Fencing offer this service through its professional site Contracts Department.

Each satellite company services and maintains its own contracts on a personal, local basis dealing with surveys, contract and site erection details.

While the clients may change and the sites may differ, the basic tenet of all the contracts departments remains the same: to deliver an erection facility to the required standard within the required time at the required price.

NK Fencing is the leading perimeter and security fencing manufacturer in Ireland. Specialists in Ibex, Sports and Palisade fencing.