The Brief

Roadbridge were completing the final stages of the N2 link road at Tyrellstown and needed a specialist contractor to provide pedestrian guardrail and acoustic fencing alongside the new road. Project time was tight, so the solution needed to be readily available & professionally installed - they came to NK..

The Product

NK Roads offers a range of barrier systems for the roads contractor. Our guardrails include our DRD approved ‘On Road’ system, our ‘Off Road’ system and our NRA specification guardrail. Products are designed and manufactured in accordance with BS EN 7818 and our ‘On Road’ system is a fully performance certified Class 2 B barrier. NK Acoustic barriers include both reflective and absorbtive noise reduction systems. All are designed in accordance with BS EN 1793 and BS EN 1794. NK Acoustic barriers have been performance tested and are certified compliant for A3 & B3 noise reduction ratings.

The overall package offered by NK Fencing was second to none in terms of the product and service offering. The installation phase rolled out on time & on budget, hitting all agreed performance targets . NK’s project team worked seemlessly with Roadbridge - a professional hassle free team.

Ronan Mallon

The Conclusion

NK Fencing is delighted to have supplied and installed the NK Roads Guardrail & Acoustic systems for Roadbridge. This installation marks a great step forward in further developing our road & infrastructures capabilities throughout Ireland. NK hopes to provide many more clients with our NK Roads barrier systems, offering quality, professionalism and value.

NK ROADS – helping build a safer quiet road network